Merchant Ship Design


Recent achievements of ship hull design and projects.

Recent projects on ship design and analysis

  • The design for a hydrofoil catamaran passenger ship was conducted using CFD and tank testings and the ship was launched in May 2017.
  • New bulk carrier(Handymax/Cape/OverPanamax/Kamsarmax etc.), tanker and container hull shapes have been designed showing 3-5% reduction in BHP compared with existing ships. The fuel consumption of those ships per day is around 20-50 ton/day and then the reduction by 5% corresponds to 1-2.5 ton/day.
  • The wing sail design and performance prediction by CFD have been conducted for the Wind Challenger project. The new tool to predict the total performance as a sailing vessel was developed named as EPP(Energy Prediction Program). It has been clarified by the R&D that the averaged BHP reduction is over 20% and if the wind speed is 20kts and the direction is from 90deg to the hull the reduction attains about 50%.
  • The pressure drag by air in the upper structure was reduced by 20-30% by the new design of the shape.
  • The unsteady CFD simulation of a single scull was enabled to analyze the mechanism of performance improvement by SRD.


  • The new bow shape was developed to reduce the added resistance in waves by 5-15%.
  • The container hull shape was optimized to reduce the BHP.
  • The new device to reduce the BHP by about 5% was designed for bulk carriers.
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Merchant Ship Design Achievement