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Merchant Ship Design

Software Development

We have lots of experiences in software developments for design and analysis tools.


The AutoDes/HullDes is the program to support the hull design by CFD. The principal functions are to read 3D NURBS surfaces data, to design new hulls by parametric changes, to create structured mesh and to execute CFD programs by support of GUI. The CFD codes, SURF and NEPTUNE developed by NMRI, are directly linked to this software. The automatic process from the hull shape deformation to the CFD calculation is also possible in AutoDes, which enables the hull shape optimization by newly developed discretized SQP method. The function to create overset grids around appendages on a hull including a rudder, fins, stator fins, rudder fins and a duct is also added in the AutoDes.


  • graph: HullDes


The ParaFlow is the program to evaluate the fluid dynamic forces acting on a parachute by CFD. The dynamic deformation of the parachute is also achieved by FEM and the CFD and FEM iterations can be conducted until the deformation has converged.


  • graph: ParaFlow


The WisdamX is the program to simulate the ship motions in periodic waves by solving the Navier-Stokes equations. The GUI is provided for the pre and post processes of the CFD.


  • graph: WisdamX
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