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ACT's activities and news

  • 2017.08
    The 4th K36-SAMURAI was launched at Hakata in April and the 5th at Kobe in August respectively.
  • 2017.01
    The 3rd K36-SAMURAI was launched in Sagami bay, Japan. The 5th boat is under construction in Pauger.
  • 2016.05
    The second K36-SAMURAI was launched at Hayama in Japan. The two boat testing will be carried out to make the boat faster.
  • 2016.05
    ACT has joined the 470 design project for YAMAHA. ACT has been designing the hull shape and appendages by the scientific approach using the CFD and tank testing and also the design experiences of 420, snipe and other race boats and working with Yamaha sailing team and an Australian Olympic gold medalist, Mathew Belcher for sailing tests.
  • 2016.03
    The first K36-SAMURAI was launched at Hayama in Japan. The project was started in 2014 and the boat was built as a production boat at Pauger Carbon in Hungary. The followed 2nd boat will be arrived in Japan soon.
  • 2016.03
    AutoDes Ver1.1 was released. Three major new functions have been included in the AutoDes which are hull design function by parameters or box change, automatic CFD evaluation of the design hulls and new discrete SQP optimization method and overlapped grid generation for appendages on a hull.
  • 2014.06
    ACT designed the 420 class boat. The first hull was launched and its performance was clarified to be faster as expected.
  • 2014.05
    AutoDes Ver1.01 was released.
  • 2013.11
    Wooden 24footer got the second position in the festival class at the Shima Seiki Cup which was the first race for the wooden24.
    Shima Seiki Cup
  • 2013.11
    Meikai University won the Snipe class at the national university championship with the Tsujido Snipe designed by ACT.
  • 2013.09
    AutoDes Ver1.0 was released.
  • 2013.01
    Wooden 24footer is now being constructed and will be launched in spring.
  • 2012.11
    Shiraishi/Ueda ended in the 3rd place at the Snipe Western Hemisphere & Orient Championship. Kondo/Ishikawa also raced with the Snipe designed by ACT and got the 5th place.
    2012 Snipe Western Hemisphere & Orient Championship
  • 2012.11
    The Snipe designed by ACT and built by Tsujido won the 1st, 2nd and 4th in the Japan national Snipe championship.
    2012 Japan national Snipe champinship
  • 2012.07
    Spank(ACT-GP33) won the 1st place in the IRC A class and 2nd in IRC overall at the 53rd Pearl Race.
    53rd Pearl Race
  • 2012.03
    HullDes Ver6.0 was released.
  • 2011.10
    The version2 of the GP33 was released.
  • 2011.08
    The promotion video of VITE2 was inserted on the page.
  • 2011.04
    The new Snipe which had been designed by ACT since 2009 was built at Tsujido and its 1st boat was launched.
  • 2011.02
    HullDes Ver5.0 was released.
  • 2010.07
    Spank(ACT-GP33) took the 2nd place in the IRC-C(sports boat class) of the ZUSHI regatta 2010.
    ZUSHI regatta 2010
  • 2010.08
    Spank(ACT-GP33) won the Trans Sagami race in the IRC class.
  • 2010.07
    Shallon V(VITE31) won the 51st Pearl race in the overall fleets.
  • 2010.05
    ACT web site was renewed on the ten years celebration since the foundation of ACT.
  • 2010.02
    The 3D laser measurement of a Snipe hull was conducted under the cooperation of Marubeni Information Systems.
    Marubeni Information Systems
  • 2009.12
    HullDes Ver4.1 was released.
  • 2009.09
    The article on the 1st ACT-GP33 was introduced on the KAZI magazine.
    PDF (pdf 572KB)
  • 2009.07
    The Gaia team of VITE31 won the ORCC class of the Kazan race in Kagoshima, Japan.
  • 2009.07
    The ACT-GP33 was introduced on the Seahorse magazine.
    PDF (pdf 5.2MB)
  • 2009.04
    The 1st ACT-GP33 was transfered on road to Hayama marina and firstly launched on the sea.
  • 2009.03
    The Swing team of the Rodman modified by ACT won the IRC class of the KYC spring regatta.
  • 2008.11
    The ACT-GP33 was introduced on the ORC news.
  • 2008.09
    The construction of ACT-GP33 started at Tsuboi yachts.
  • 2008.05
    The Swing team of the Rodman modified by ACT won the ORCC class of the KYC Commodores Cup.
  • 2008.04

    SO News Letter
  • 2008.01
    The ACT-IRC36 project started as the cruiser/racer favorable under the IRC rating.
    Project: ACT-IRC36
  • 2007.07
    The ETNZ where M.Katori, our director, joined challenged in the 32nd America's Cup. The races were very impressed in the America's Cup history.
  • 2007.04
    The 1st VITE31 was launched.
  • 2006.10
    The ACT office moved to Hayama, Japan.
  • 2006.09
    The Cerezo team where A.Kanai, our director, joined as the navigator and data analysist won the Japan Cup.
  • 2006.09
    The construction of VITE31 started.
  • 2006.05
    The ParaFlow Ver2.0 was released as the FEM-CFD analysis software for a parachute.
  • 2005.12
    The 31ft sailing boat having been developed since 2004 was decided to be constructed as a production boat VITE31 at Tsuboi yachts.
  • 2005.12
    The article on A.Kanai, our director, was introduced on the KAZI magazine.
  • 2005.10
    The tank test for the 31ft sailing boat was conducted and the resistance was dramatically reduced by 10% from the previous 31 footer.
  • 2005.07
    SEA/FTC and ACT agreed for the cooperation of design work for middle and small size ship.
  • 2005.06
    A.Kanai, our director, showed on the NHK TV program "What is the sailing mechanism?" as a lecturer.
  • 2005.06
    The FEM-CFD analysis software for membrane structure was developed.
  • 2004.12
    The 31ft sailing boat design project started.
  • 2004.07
    The first trial version of HullDes was released.
  • 2004.06
    The collaborative development work with Prof.Tahara at the Osaka prefectural university started for the sail simulation CFD code.
  • 2004.06
    ACT made an contract with NMRI for the collaborative software development.
  • 2000-2003
    M.Katori joined One World Challenge and A.Kanai did GBR Challenge for the 2003 America's Cup.
  • 2000.05
    M.Katori and A.Kanai having been working for Nippon Challenge founded ACT.
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