Sailing Boat Design


ACT is a design office for racing and cruising sailing boat design providing following technical services.

Yacht design by scientific approach

We design racing yachts optimized for specified conditions and owner's requirements to win races and to have good balance in operation by use of the most advanced scientific methods. The same approach is applied also to cruising sailing boats.

Consulting on sailing boat performance improvement

We provide ideas to improve your sailing boat performance by looking at the current sailing performance with the data, checking the boat balance, considering the possibility of changing keel, rudder or sail plan, and comparing the performance with the rating system, and then finding the best solution. We use our original data analysis system, CFD and VPP to logically find the performance.

Data analysis on sailing boat performance

We analyze the sailing boat performance by using our original data analysis system developed through the America's Cup projects during testing on board. This system is very effective to find the performance, test some new options and improve the performance.

America's Cup

We have been involved in the America's Cup projects in different teams including Nippon Challenge, One World, GBR Challenge and ETNZ since 1993. We have developed several design tools and data analysis systems, which have been used for our design process and are quite strong tools for our scientific design approach. CFD is one of the tools we focus on as the most necessary design method. We have lots of experiences in not only the CFD applications but also the CFD code developments. We continue to improve our techniques and technologies for the sailing boat design to the next America's Cup.

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