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Project ACT-GP33


GP42/GP33/GP26 class rules were developed by ORC in 2005 based on the success of the TP52 box rule class. Since then the GP42 was firstly focused in Europe followed by the MedCup circuit. Since 2008 some GP33 and GP26 boats have been launched around the world.
The GP33 has the following characteristics,

  • light displacement

  • high weight ratio of bulb

  • 2 spreader fractional rig

  • non-overlapped jib

  • large masthead geneker

So the boat speed is very fast for the length especially in downwind.
The GP33 box rule limits the overall length, beam, draft, displacement and sail plan. Designers can freely create the hull shape, the appendage package and the balance on the stability and helm suited for the best performance within the limits and the design concept.

The scientific design approach was totally applied using the advanced CFD and VPP software. Various ideas to reduce the structural weight were adopted since the E-glass was used for the hull and deck structures to reduce the building cost as a production boat. The carbon is standard for the rudder blade, stock, tiller and the mast.

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