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Project SNIPE


Shiraishi/Ueda ended in the 3rd place at the 2012 Snipe Western Hemisphere & Orient Championship. Kondo/Ishikawa also raced with the Snipe designed by ACT and got the 5th place. Shiraishi/Ueda showed good boat speed and at the final race they had a real match race with the Bruno Bethlem/Dante Bianchi team aiming at the 1st place.

New Snipe design was started in Oct.2009 to be constructed at Tsujido and the first boat was launched in Apr.2011. The Snipe rule prescribes some allowances at measurement points which could give considerable effect to its volume distribution and then performance. ACT has approached to the design with scientific tools to attain significant performance improvement over existing boats.
Various hull shapes were designed considering sailor's opinions and existing boat characteristics by using CFD to evaluate the performance at light and heavy wind conditions. The final shape has less drag in calm water and some ideas to reduce the motion and drag increment in waves.
The hull mould was built by NC milling for good accuracy. The centerboard and rudder sections were also designed with elaborate optimization work. The deck shape was designed to be comfortable and simple.
After the first boat was launched the sailing tests were carried out under the cooperation of North Sails Japan and showed reliable good performance.

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