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Project SNIPE 2021


The new Snipe was debuted in May 2021, replacing the old Snipe designed in 2010. The new Snipe is built by Tsujido Racing. 2010 Snipe's hull design used a scientific design approach, and the new design followed the same approach, with intensive CFD work to examine all possible hull shapes. The CFD works included the unsteady simulations in waves to improve the performance in motion.

We discussed the new design with professional sailors who had sailed on the old Snipe for many years and focused on areas for improvement. We also drew on our design experience on racing dinghies such as the 470, 420, and Snipe for the new design.

CFD simulations of the final hull shape revealed that it was faster than the old design at all boat speeds from light to strong winds, and the gain was greater in light winds. An improvement in performance in response to choppy wave conditions, which was the biggest target for this design process, was also revealed.

The deck shape and structure are designed to be as light, stiff and low CG as possible. The inner shape was modified to be more comfortable. The hull, deck, and inner plugs were fabricated by NC milling.

Please feel free to contact to Tsujido Racing for more information and order.

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