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​Technologies & Services


The design technologies in ACT are originated from the experience in the design for the America's Cup since 1993 (Nippon Challenge, One World, GBR Challenge, ETNZ). We have developed scientific design methods with various kinds of original software such as hull design program[*1], Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)[*2], Velocity Prediction Program(VPP)[*3], 2 boat testing system and sail shape analysis system. Especially we have the longest design-by-CFD experience started in 1993 when CFD was still in research stage. We have deep knowledge of CFD techniques and have various kinds of know-hows to use CFD effectively and accurately. The dynamic balance in sailing is an important and inevitable item to consider for design. The link between CFD and VPP is a strong tool to clarify the balance and also dynamic motion simulations by CFD are getting more important. The design cannot be finalized only by science and the knowledge in design experience and the feedback from actual sailing performance are important factors for actual design. The design is optimized in the iterative cycle using hull design program, CFD, VPP and experience. We always continue to improve our design technologies for more accurate design and more difficult  design conditions. We also collaborate with outside professional engineers and specialists for structural engineering.


The hull design program is now on commercial service as AutoDes software.


CFD is a simulation software to clarify the flow around a sailing yacht and tells us the forces and moments acting on the hull and appendages at any combination of boat speed, heel angle, leeway angle and Lcg position, so we could optimize the hull shape which is the best at any combination of specified wind conditions as target. We have been using original CFD codes and also commercial software (FINE/Marine) to match each issue and many tank testing results have showed good accuracy within the error of 1%. 


VPP is a program which predicts BSP at respective TWS and TWA. Our original VPP can solve 4 equations including yaw moment balance which is critical to actual performance. Tank test results or CFD results are used for the hydrodynamic models and the sail model can treat the sail trims changing the main and jib camber, twist and traveler position.


Racing yacht design

Racing dinghy design

Hull form optimization

Wing/Foil design

Hydro/Aero dynamics

CFD analysis

VPP analysis

Rating optimization & modification

Structural engineering

Interior/Exterior design

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